appat / 아파트

daegu, seongseo, dalseo-gu; a far western extension for the city of daegu erected in the mid 1990s on riece paddy/greenfield area.


we exemplary investigated with architecture and landscape-architecture students of keimyung university the block of yeong-nam-woo-bang-town 1-cha, built between 1995 and 1997:

area 29.745 m²
built-up area/bebaute fläche 6.402 m²
coverage ratio/GRZ 21% / 0,21
gross floor area/BGF 94.924 m²
FAR (floor area ratio)/GFZ 250% / 2,5

the 3 ha measuring plot is dominated by four 19-floor/62m high, 93m long and 15m deep apartment-blocks, accomodating a total of 836 residential units: the two southern blocks 101 and 102 provide a total of 456 apartments of the 79m²-type, the two northern blocks accomodate 380 units of the 109m²-type.

a single-storied, 7,5m deep two-piece commercial strip on the southern blocks distance space towards the south is inhabited in 4,2m modules by a mixture of about 30 restaurants, shops, hairdressers, dry-cleaners, bakeries, et al.

exclusive of these commercial units, the plot is framed by a 2m high wall, allowing access only via the semi-controlled access points in the northern and southern centres; hence the entrances to the apartment blocks are approached internally, from the plots centre.

drawing & photo: 김다은; 윤해

the utilisation of the xx by xx m courtyard is devoted apredominantly for (stationary) trafic of private passenger cars; 300 out of the total 700 parkings are offered on surface.

w o r k   i n   p r o g r e s s . . . .  more coming soon!

floorplan of 24 평-type / 79 m²-type [with 1 평/pyeong ≡ 3,31 m²]
the korean surface measure dimension 평/pyeong is the renamed japanese 坪/tsubo.
it is used in korea since its introduction under japanese occupation.

north-oriented access/stairwells
single-glazed northern balcony with washing mashine & storage
single glazed southern balcony with laundry drying installation & storage space
except of the bathroom, the apartments are heated with an underfloor heating system
the lifts are servicing the units half-floor-up respectively half-floor0down with stops every two floors.