utopia of a monster [movie]

[Lee Dae-Il interviewed by Kim Sang-Ryeol]

sewoonsanga – utopia of a monster · 세운상가 – 괴물의이상햔

sewoonsanga, a hybrid mega-structure [1967, Seoul, A.: Kim Swoo Geun] built to fight prostitution and later turned into VHS-porn-paradise. the interview-based documentary discusses history and perspectives of this Korean architectural icon designed by Korea’s most influential post-war architect.

a movie by

Kim Sang-ryeol  김상렬
Kim Jae-young  김재영
Tao Wenwen  도문문
Seong Hyeong-gyu  성형규
Jan Schabert  얀 샤버트
Heo Seong-hoon  허성훈


Prof. Cheol-Soo Kim, Keimyung University
Dae-Il Lee, +alpha electronic
Hyo-Sang Seung, principal of iroje
Jeong-Jong Sook
Jo Jeung Sook
Joong-Jae Lee, principal of cities of tomorrow
Prof. Jung-In Ha, Han Yang University
Kyung-Soo Noh
Prof. Peter Ferretto, Seoul National University
Sang-Woo Song, principal of ace electronic
Prof. Yi-Jong Ho, korea national universtiy of arts


Nam Yeon-Jung
Yeo Wha-Jin
Lee Ji-Su
Lim Young-Hee

interview with Seung Hyo-Sang

Choi Sang-Yeol

editing consultant

Antonia Fenn, Berlin/D

funded by

BISA Research Fund
Keimyung University
Daegu, Republic of Korea

filmed & produced

Republic of Korea, 2011


26’12″  · HD · 16/9 · 1080/25p · kr/e · kr/e subtitles

world premiere

architecture film festival rotterdam AFFR

hungarian premiere

5th Budapesti Építészeti Filmnapok/5th Budapest Architecture Film Days

portuguise premiere

1st Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon


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»Because we love crazy buildings, we couldn’t resist this last moment entry which was really way too late: a short film called Sewoonsanga, Utopia or a monster. Jan Schabert said: “It is a study project at the Keimyung University concerning Sewoonsanga in Seoul. The building is a mega-structure of one kilometer long, cutting right through the city. It was best known in the 70’s for being a giant porn mall. Now it is – like many of these megastructures from the sixties – seriously endangered from demolition. It would be superfabulous if you can screen the film”. And so we will, or at least the short version of couple of minutes!«

sewoonsanga – utopia of a monster // redux // [05’01”]