i-wish [movie]

on an empty plot oposite the neighbourhood-defining supermarket »e-mart« that was previously used by a set of coin-operated baseball-training machines,  another temporary structure was erected: a housing-gallery named »i-wish«. we could not resist to try to document this mock-up and made a short documentary.
the filming was done on one day, may 1st 2013, which luckily turned out to be some kind of a deadline to buy property at special conditions which made it even a bit busier than usual.


> trailer on vimeo

a movie by jan schabert
translation youjin yi
interviews martina günther
filmed & produced republic of korea, 2013
format 4’20 · hd · 16/9 · 1080/25p · kr/e · kr/e subtitles

world premiere

1st Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon